Stitches, skin grafts, and skin flaps


Stitches and sutures are the most common way to fix a defect. This involves some adjustment of the wound and sewing the skin edges together. This procedure speeds healing and can offer a good cosmetic result. For example, the scar can be hidden in a wrinkle line. Sutures are usually removed at one week or dissolvable sutures may be used. In some cases, a surgical glue may be applied to the top layer after deeper layers are closed with dissolvable sutures.


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Skin Grafts

This involves covering a surgical site with skin from another area of the body. The skin is usually removed from behind the ear or around the collarbone or in some cases from adjacent skin (this is called the donor site), and stitched to cover the wound. The donor site is then sutured together to provide a good cosmetic result. A bandage covers the graft for one week.


Skin flaps

This involves movement of adjacent, healthy tissue to cover a surgical site. Where practical, they are chosen because of the excellent cosmetic match of nearby skin. Stitches are then removed in one week.