It is important that you obtain a good night’s rest and eat normally on the day of the Mohs surgery. If you are taking prescription medications, continue to take these unless otherwise directed by a physician. However, to help avoid excessive bruising or bleeding you should avoid taking aspirin-containing medications for ten days prior to your surgery if your doctor will allow you to stop.

You also should avoid aspirin substitutes (such as Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Naprosyn, etc.) within 5 days of surgery. Tylenol, however, may be taken at any time prior to surgery as it does not thin your blood. For your comfort, it is recommended that you wear casual, layered clothing on the day of your surgery. You may also wish to bring a book or magazine to help occupy your waiting time. We do provide coffee and snacks for you while you wait.

To Learn More About American College of Mohs Surgery Visit Their Website: mohscollege.org.


We encourge you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have about a particular condition and the proper treatments. Come in or give us a call to set up a consultation to discuss the treatment process.

Duration of procedure

Most Mohs surgery cases can be completed in two or fewer stages, requiring less than 3 hours. However, it is not possible to predict how extensive the cancer will be, as the extent of a skin cancer’s roots cannot be estimated in advance. Therefore, it is advisable to reserve the entire morning for this surgical procedure, in case the removal of additional layers is required.

Please note that the majority of your time spent at the office is in the waiting area, not on the surgical table. We use local numbing shots only so you are fully awake. Again, bring a book or some work to do while you are waiting for your cancer slides to be clear. We do provide free secured Wi-fi if desired.