Qualifications of the Mohs surgeon

It is important that you verify that your Mohs surgeon is recognized as a  fellowship-trained surgeon. This can only be done through the Mohs College website: www.mohscollege.org. Board-certified dermatologists who are then fellowship-trained in Mohs surgery have unique specialized skills in dermatologic surgery, dermatopathology,  Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstructive surgery. In addition, the fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon must have the required surgical and laboratory facilities, and be supported by a well-trained Mohs staff. Dr Shawn Allen and Dr Anastasia Benoit are certified leaders in Mohs surgery.

The American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS) is the only certifying body in America that requires extensive training ( over 500 cases per year) as well as demonstrated proficiency in complex plastic surgery reconstruction and experience managing rare and difficult tumors.  This one to two year fellowship training can only occur following the successful completion of a dermatology residency and board-certification in dermatology. The surgical training is performed under the direct supervision of a fellowship Director recognized and approved by the American College of Mohs Surgery. Most dermatologists and other doctors have not done this extensive training.

Our Mohs surgeons were trained in dermatology and performed their fellowship training in Mohs surgery and cosmetic surgery at the leading prestigious institutions, including Washington University in St Louis, Missouri and the University of South Carolina. These programs were led by two of the most prominent experts in our field. Dr Allen completed his combined fellowship in Mohs surgery and cosmetic surgery in 2005 and Dr Benoit in 2016. Together, they have performed thousands of Mohs cases and reconstructive surgery and are recognized experts in Mohs surgery.



We encourge you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have about a particular condition and the proper treatments. Come in or give us a call to set up a consultation to discuss the treatment process.


In addition to verifying that your Mohs surgeon is board-certified and fellowship-trained, it is also important to investigate the qualifications of the Mohs surgical clinic. The tissue processing lab at Dermatology Specialists is one of a handful of Mohs and tissue processing labs in Colorado that has been CLIA certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) at the highest level of complexity.  This means that our lab is inspected regularly by the State of Colorado, and must comply with the high standards established by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Our surgical staff is knowledgeable and highly trained in assisting in Mohs surgery.  Our facilities are suited to accommodating Mohs patients and their families while they are here.  Our Mohs patients and their families wait between surgeries in a private waiting room where they can enjoy a cup of coffee or light snacks while they wait.